Vermont Japanese Style Moss & Stone Gardens

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Oriental design concepts using native materials such as moss, stones and ferns, create a relaxing environment that is naturally restful to the eye, stimulating to the senses, and environmentally conscientious.

Oriental Inspired Landscapes • Metal, Stone & Wood Sculpture
Native Plants & Moss • Mosaic Stone Paths • Dry Streams

There are five traditional oriental garden styles
that influence my work:

The Hill & Pond Style:
Vertical rocks and waterfalls are used to suggest the mountains of southern China, which were known to the Japanese through Chinese art.

The Dry Landscape Garden:
Water can be represented by moss or other fine ground cover. The dry landscape garden may use white sand, fine gravel, stone chips, or pebbles raked into stylized patterns. A few small, low growing plants may be used as accents. A "dry streambed" is suggested by a random pattern of large and small stones.

The Tea Garden Style:
A path leads to another space, such as an inner garden which can hold a bench, small structure or rocks and greenery.

The Stroll Style:
A stone path has many turns and different levels. Every step is planned to help the stroller experience the garden.

The Court-Style:
This is a private garden, frequently enclosed, and viewed from the inside of a house, such as a courtyard. Evergreens, moss, rocks, and gravel are used in this type of garden.

Small gardens can suggest a larger world. Small spaces can present big ideas. The gardens, like works of art, can be enjoyed during all seasons.

The client can have a quiet and uncluttered environment based on the simplicity of the Oriental Style Garden. My Meditation Place is one example. It is restful to the eye and stimulating to the senses.

After studying the land, I consult with the client and based on environment and climate conditions, plan and complete a garden design. I design gardens in Vermont and other locations.

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