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A moss and stone garden follows the oriental ideas of beauty and simplicity.
The landscape can be enjoyed during all seasons.
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Mosaic Landscape
Garden Landscape, Long View Garden Landscape, Medium Closeup
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Detail View Stone and Moss Path, Long View
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Stone Mosaic Stone Mosaic Stone Mosaic

In winter, the rocks against the snow form a light-dark pattern. The mosses and stones against a serene, snowless winterscape provide color and pleasing patterns for the eye to follow.

The moss may be used alone or with small stones to indicate the sea.
Stone paths may circle the composition or lead to another area.

Garden Landscape

Stone Bench
Stone Sculpture
Garden Landscape

Stone Mosaic Katies Garden Moss and Stone Mosaics

Asymmetry is the rule in an oriental garden with groups of plants
in odd numbers of 3, 5, or 7 to define the space.

If you are interested in using outdoor sculpture in your garden and want to consult with Irene Berkson or visit her Moss and Stone Garden in West Rupert, Vermont, call her between May and November at 802-394-2411.

Moss and Stone Mosaics Moss and Stone Mosaics

Landscaping Metal Sculpture Wood Sculpture Mixed Media Irene Berkson Home

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